Mawlynnong Village Tourism: Discover the Cleanest Village in Asia

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Mawlynnong village is a small community located in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, India. Known as the cleanest village in Asia, it has become a popular destination for responsible tourists who are seeking to experience a sustainable and eco-friendly way of life. In this blog post, we will explore the beauty of Mawlynnong village and the various activities that you can do while visiting.

History of Mawlynnong village tourism

Mawlynnong village has been attracting tourists since 2003, when it was declared the cleanest village in Asia by Discover India Magazine. Since then, the village has become a popular destination for domestic and international tourists who are looking for an offbeat and sustainable travel experience.

Best time to visit Mawlynnong village

The best time to visit Mawlynnong village is from October to May when the weather is pleasant and dry. The monsoon season, from June to September, can be unpredictable and may cause transportation issues.

How to reach Mawlynnong village

The nearest airport is in Guwahati, Assam, which is around 170 km away from the village. From Guwahati, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Mawlynnong village. Alternatively, you can also take a taxi or bus from Shillong, which is around 90 km away.

Things to do in Mawlynnong

Explore the Living Root Bridge

One of the must-visit attractions in Mawlynnong village is the Living Root Bridge. This unique bridge is made by training the roots of the Ficus elastica tree to grow in a particular direction, creating a natural bridge over a stream. It is a stunning example of the village’s eco-friendly and sustainable way of life.

Visit the Mawlynnong Waterfall

Another popular attraction in Mawlynnong village is the Mawlynnong Waterfalls. Located just a few kilometers from the village, this waterfall is a great place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Enjoy the scenic beauty of the village Mawlynnong village is known for its stunning natural beauty. You can take a leisurely walk around the village and admire the well-manicured gardens, bamboo huts, and traditional Khasi houses. The village also offers breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and forests.

Try local cuisine Mawlynnong village is known for its delicious and healthy cuisine. You can try local delicacies such as Jadoh, a rice dish cooked with meat, vegetables, and spices, and Tungrymbai, a fermented soybean dish.

Balancing Rock in mawlynnnong

Responsible tourism in Mawlynnong village

Eco-tourism initiatives Mawlynnong village has implemented various eco-tourism initiatives such as composting, rainwater harvesting, and plastic waste management. The village also promotes sustainable tourism practices and encourages visitors to respect the local culture and environment.

Waste management practices

Mawlynnong village is known for its exceptional waste management practices. The villagers use bamboo dustbins for segregating different types of waste, and they also recycle and upcycle waste materials to make useful products such as baskets and brooms.

Conservation of nature and culture

The villagers of Mawlynnong are proud of their culture and traditions, and they take great care to preserve them. They also work hard to conserve the natural beauty of the area by planting trees and protecting the forests.

Mawlynnong village is a shining example of how responsible tourism can have a positive impact on the environment and the local community. The village’s commitment to sustainable practices has helped to maintain its pristine beauty and has attracted visitors who are looking for an authentic and eco-friendly travel experience.

Apart from the Living Root Bridge, Mawlynnong village also offers other interesting attractions such as the Sky View, a bamboo watchtower that offers panoramic views of the surrounding hills and the Bangladesh plains. You can also visit the Balancing Rock, a huge boulder that seems to defy gravity and balance on a small rock.

If you’re interested in experiencing the local culture, you can attend the Nongkrem Dance festival, which is held in the nearby village of Smit. This festival is a celebration of the harvest season and features traditional Khasi dance performances and rituals.

In Conclusion

Mawlynnong village is a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to experience the beauty of nature and the charm of a sustainable way of life. By practicing responsible tourism, you can help to preserve the village’s pristine beauty and support the local community. So, pack your bags, and head to Mawlynnong village for an unforgettable travel experience!

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